About me

Industry Fashion
Location Minneapolis, MN, United States
Introduction ||All my friends are real. Stick that in your oven and burn it. ||I will crash a plane into your knee if you piss me off. ||I'm rude, loud, offending, crude, socially unacceptable, and blunt. Can't handle it? Move along. ||Offending Fairy Princess (TM).||The one and only DJ Lala of SLPR - She of the Hot Voice. Rawr!|| ||Professional Pervert. ||You're not cool enough to hang.||Also - Fuck you, I like pink. ||
Interests 80s, a clockwork orange, adult swim, alcohol, alice in wonderland, alienware pcs, ani difranco, anias nin, anime porn, anne rice, art, astronomy, being offensive, betty page, black and white, boots, burt's bees, chai, cheesecake, cheesy horror movies, chick flicks, chocolate, cigarettes, cloves, coffee, collars, comedy/tragedy, computers, corsets, creativity, cult movies, cursing, cynicism, dancing, david bowie, dead milkmen, debauchery, DJing for SLPR, donnie darko, dorks, drag queens, drinking, dykes, e. a. poe, eddie izzard, erotica, espresso, family guy, fight club, fingernail polish, fishnet, food network, frappacinos, friends, geeks, germans, glitter, green tea, hair dye, hands, harry potter, hedwig, hips, hoodies, hustler, inscence, intellects, intellegence, invader zim, jack black, jason mraz, jennifer weiner, kahlua, kink, kissing, laptops, laziness, leather, lesbian porn, local bands, lotion, love, lust, maddox, mindless self indulgence, mixed drinks, movies, mtv, music, neopets, partying, peircings, perversion, photography, piercings, poetry, poppy z. brite, porn, ramen, raspberries, reading, religion, rocky horror picture show, romance, salvation army, sarcasm, seduction, sex, sex in public, shakespeare, simple plan, sin, SL, sleeping, snake river conspiracy, south park, speeches, spongebob squarepants, stephen king, stockings, sushi, talking shit, tarot, tattoos, the ataris, theatre, theology, tim burton, traffic cones, tribal, tucker max, urban decay, velvet, vibrators, vintage, vnv nation, vodka, wax, white wolf, words, penning porn
Favorite Movies Donnie Darko, Labrynth, Goonies, Mommy Dearest, A Beautiful Mind, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Dogma, Hedwig and The Angry Inch, The Notebook (I know.. I know.), Almost every chick flick as long as J-Lo isn't in it (gag), Clerks, Mallrats, Full Metal Jacket, House of 1000 corpses, Res. Dogs, Silent Hill, and a bunch I can't think of right now.
Favorite Music Oomph!, Snake River Conspiracy, The Cult, The Cure, HIM, De/Vision, Kompressor, Jack Off Jill, Manson (yeah, yeah), Stromkern, Alkaline Trio, Big D and the Kid's table, And One, Ani Difranco, Dashboard Confessional (ERROR: Can not execute < Emo.exe >), Battery, Benny Benassi, Braid, Capdown, Clutch, Kidney Thieves, Dead Milkmen, Delerium, Devision of Laura Lee, Finch, Jason Mraz (everyone needs a guilty pleasure), KMFDM, Link 80, Slausages, AOD, Lords of Acid, Ministry, Cradle of Filth, Pantera, Prong, Rob Zombie, Sentenced, Dujeous, Skinny Puppy, Syfin, Type O, Slipknot, VNV Nation, The Agony Scene, Tool, Tricky, Boiler Room, Wumpscut, Combichrist, Misfits...
Favorite Books Any and all - most recently The Green Mile, a collection of Milton, some Poppy Z. Brite (Drawing Blood), Anne Rice (Don't get any ideas, it was the Sleeping Beauty trilogy), Lost, and just about anything I can get my hands on. Reading Vox to a friend right now but I've read it a million times.. good book. It's amazing - almost 100% dialog which, to me, is a real challenge.