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Introduction I'm a city woman with a country sensibility. I love the sky, and how it is a constant in life. I want this blog to be some type of record of my creative process, more or less... whether it be writing, crafting things, or photography. I am apt to go off on tangents of seemingly unrelated content, of course.
Interests October 2013. Right now my number one focus is on kicking breast cancer's ass. I have had a double mastectomy and will have 4 months of chemo and almost 2 months of radiation. It's a long road, and I plan to walk it the best I can. JUNE 2014 I prevailed throughout my treatments, and my PET scan was clear! No more cancer in my body! I kicked cancer's ass! OCTOBER 2015 In January of this year I had my reconstruction (called a Tram flap)... a very difficult procedure, and I have been in pain ever since. Have to take pain meds 3x a day. Wish I never had it done. JANUARY 2016 Here it is a year after my reconstruction and I am still in pain from it. Soon I will have the procedure reversed, in hopes of freeing me of pain. wish me luck. MARCH 2016 Had the tram flap reversal. MAY 2016 The cancer has metastasized to my bones (ribs, spine). I battle on.