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Industry Automotive
Occupation Car Salesman (joke)
Introduction In the last few years, I have become very deeply immersed, and interested in Advaita Vedanta, non-dual spirituality. Infact, live at a Temple, have a Guru, etc. So naturally, this is a big focus of this blog. This is the foundation on which my life is built, realizing the egoless state, becoming more humble, selfless, blissful, etc. I have much reverence toward sages such as Shankara and Ramana Maharshi, as well as realized devotees such as Muruganar. So naturally they grace the top of my blog. The Precambrian, is the geologic period, before the development of the simplest animals. The age when microbes dominated. There may have been some multicellular things, but not animals. The tie-in with Advaita Vedanta, is the Supreme Self that is talked about in Advaita, is timless, eternal, so would have predated animal life, the Big Bang etc. That's a little glimpse of the purpose of this blog. To share what fascinates me.
Interests Everything, and Everything.
Favorite Movies Twin Peaks, Lost, Bourne Trilogy, Star Wars
Favorite Music Einsterzend Neubauten, Black Flag and classical music. (lol)
Favorite Books Dune, Crime and Punishment

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