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Industry Human Resources
Occupation Barnabas Lady and Cricket on the Hearth :)
Location United States
Introduction I am a 52 year old cradle Catholic who loves Jesus and His Church. My life has been (and continues to be) profoundly influenced by the spirituality of St. Therese of Lisieux and her doctrine of "The Little Way". I was raised in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, to which I owe a great deal of gratitude, but I've been really more of a "traditional" Catholic over the past twenty-five years. I am committed to true ecumenism. I have had CFIDS (chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome)/ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) and fibromyalgia for over 35 years. I remain hopeful for a cure(s) and/or a miracle(s) from God; the research going on worldwide is astounding, phenomenal, and hope-giving! My life has also been profoundly influenced by the life, words, music, and ministry of the late Rich Mullins. My life's ministry is being a "Barnabas Lady" (a daughter of encouragement) and in general trying to be a "cricket on the hearth".
Interests Catholic Christianity, Church history, Ireland, cats, reading, listening to music, cooking, flower and herb gardening, photography, knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, calligraphy, shopping at farmers' markets, flamingos ;), family communication, encouraging friends and family that life IS worth living, learning to polka - because... LIFE IS A POLKA!!, St. Therese of Lisieux, Ceili Rain, BookCrossing, Birthday Banditeering (IOW, helping friends and family celebrate their birthdays), Rich Mullins, used book buying/reading/trading, watching TV Land, playing piano, collecting recipes, ethnic festivals, genealogy, watching classic movies, leading the All Tatterdemalion Pink Kazoo Orchestra (!!!), learning to play the harmonica, ukulele and guitar, playing Scrabble online with close friends... I'm interested in just about everything except NASCAR, Country & Western music, deer hunting, fishing, and camping (I am SUCH a sissy! ;))