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Introduction Do you really wish you had a cat in your household but you cannot?

You may be allergic, travel a lot out of town, or have to live with cat haters. One way or another, you long for some feline perfection in your life...

I understand exactly how you feel. I was like you before I managed to start living with a cat. And cannot get enough of them ever since.

This blog is something like a public service; I try to give some of the goodness of life with a cat: the nice and (perhaps) the not-so-nice.

Our companion until July 2013 was the male (neutered) British Shorthair, called Stepan Razin. He had this Russian name because he was born there in Dec. 2005. He supposedly also had a pedigree but for us it was just another fun factor.

We will stay offline for a while to find comfort in silence until... perhaps a new furry friend finds his way to us. Still, if you visit from time to time you may find any unpublished photos of Stepan.

Your comments, suggestions, ideas, own stories are welcome!