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Location New York, United States
Introduction For those who already know me, you know the deal. For those who don't, I'm a mom with two beautiful kids, a girl, who's now "Nine" and a boy, who's now "Thirteen." I graduated from Hofstra University with my BA in English and creative writing in December '09 after wanting to go back to school forEVA! ;-) It took me over five years part-time, all while raising said children, working part-time and being a pretty active 'class parent.' I've always been a writer at heart, (or at least I like to think I'm a writer) but a writer who never writes. Ugh. So I'm trying to learn how to do so and how to share it with anyone out there who can relate (or anyone out there who's bored out of their fucking minds and just happens to find me and my musings). If you've come by for a read, thanks! If you like what you read, pass it on. If you think I suck, well, hell, you can let me know that, too (but still pass it on 'cause even if you think I suck, someone else might think I'm groovy). Read on and rock on....!
Favorite Movies The Sandlot, The Shawshank Redemption, A Christmas Story... that Jenny McCarthy movie (shit, shit... what's it called??) Dirty Love? Hysterical!
Favorite Music I consider music to be the soundtrack to my life... I cry, I all moves me. No matter what song I hear, it's always playing alongside the movie-of-my-life that plays in my stupid head all day LONG!
Favorite Books I love to helps me to escape from life. Too bad lately nothing can help me do that. :(