About me

Industry Education
Occupation Teacher, Wife, World Traveler, Maid, Underwear Folder-upper,etc.
Location Southern U.S.A., United States
Introduction I spend my days teaching 7th and 8th graders (soon to be 5th and 6th). Honestly, I truly love my job. No one day is the same and it is way better for me than waking up going to a stuffy office. I'm a grad student by night, yep I'm working on my master's degree (counseling,maybe one day I'll go for my doctorate). I hate drama, fake people, and being bored. I'm a true animal lover, so I love all kinds of animals...especially felines. I have a mean dog (Grizz) and my cat (Trinkie) is just as bad. I'm generally fascinated by unusual, odd, or sometimes useless information. Oh yeah..I'm married to Jacob, the man of my dreams. He is absolutely delicious and fabulous in every way.
Interests I get bored really easily, so I'm always looking for new things to pick up--right now I'm learning how to shoot a gun. I love to be outdoors. Really though as hard as I work....who like has the time for activities. I like to read....well at least I read more than I watch TV.
Favorite Movies Madea Goes To Jail, Tristan and Isolde, Ever After, The Notebook, Fried Green Tomatos, Sweet Home Alabama, P.S. I Love You
Favorite Music I am a true music lover-- I love everything from The Beatles to Beyonce. Right now I'm totally loving Shinedown! Ok... I'll be honest ..I lean more to the alternative/rock genre.
Favorite Books I'm a nerd...let's just put it that way (it would bore you). Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë is my all time favorite book. Next up would be Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.