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Occupation Forensic biologist
Location Owensboro, KY, United States
Introduction I live with my husband, Andrew, son, Simon, and daughter, Rachel. We also have 2 Beagles (Copper, & Shelby), and 3 cats (Batman, Ratchet, & Socket) to round out our household. I'm a forensic biologist for the state (trust me its not anything like CSI). Andrew is a self-employed/un-employed automotive technician. Simon's biggest goal in life right now seems to be to run around driving his dump truck at light speed while screaming at the top of his lungs. Rachel's biggest goal seems to be to find out who will hold her longest! My biggest goal right now is to just survive. I thought my biggest battle was behind me with this cancer crap, but I'm continually faced with some new side of the struggle. I'm struggling to keep my spirits & faith up to snuff. Andrew, my family, & friends are helping me to do so.
Interests Learning, God, Catholicism, reading, horses, dogs chocolate, family, drawing, and now blogging! I am also currently completely involved and enamored w/ being a mother! I'm a first time mom who breastfeeds (pumps at work). I love reading articles about breastfeeding, parenthood, Catholicism, science, and family-life.
Favorite Movies The Sound of Music, Spirit - Stallion of the Cimmaron, Spiderman, Cars, The Incredibles, the Indiana Jones series and many more
Favorite Music Mostly 80s rock - Journey, Van Halen, Air Supply, Queen, and Genesis. I love Soundtracks as well.
Favorite Books Almost anything by Nora Roberts, murder mysteries, Catholic 'Inquiring minds want to know' type books, science text books (yes, I know I'm weird)

The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig:

There once was a frog who sat on a log. He sat so long there that he lost all his hair. To get some more, he visited the wig store. When he arrived, he decided it looked contrived. He didn't want to show his bald pate, so he bought a wig on a plate. When he sat alone, the plate shown. When he sat with mates, he sat on the plate!