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Occupation Nanny
Location Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Introduction It has taken me 42 years to have an epiphany, and believe me I have prayed and prayed for one. It happened on a holiday to Bali ( I know, very predictable and unimaginative.) I didn't look around at the beautiful, peaceful faces and suddenly realize just how fortunate I was. It happened with a door in the laneway to our villa. i started to notice more doors, and listen to the sounds coming from behind them. Children laughing, sometimes crying, roosters crowing and compound dogs barking at my footsteps. What would someone hear if they stood outside my door, with my family ensconsed inside. They would hear the moaning, disgruntled voice of me. A 42 year old woman whose glass is always half empty. My voice is filled with anger and disappointment. My voice sings softly to strangers and shrieks at loved ones. THE CHANGE IS NOW I vow to open my door and breathe life in, live in the moment that these images are taken. So that I can grow into a person whose door is worth walking through. Belinda x