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Occupation Homemaker
Location Seattle area, Washington, United States
Introduction Orthodox Christian from the Seattle area. In love with DH, and raising two wonderful sons, B (96) and P (01). Retired from ten years of slinging software on military contracts; will probably return one day. Chief joys are my church, family, and friends; singing in our parish choir is my just-for-me treat!
Interests Orthodox Christianity, liturgical music, singing, reading, hiking, anywhere above the treeline, anywhere north of the Canadian border and west of the mainland.
Favorite Movies Dunno...check out my Netflix queue. Who has the cash to go see a movie, when it includes $50 for a sitter, $50 for dinner (maybe), and $30 for tickets and popcorn?
Favorite Music Eastern Orthodox liturgical music, Classical, Opera, U2, Jazz, Country, Celtic, Bluegrass, Not heavy metal, Not elevator music, Definitely not Dora or Barney.
Favorite Books How long do you have?

You've just inherited a manufacturing plant that specializes in plastics. What are you going to make?

Feed the slinky to the goat. Aim the goat's mouth downward. Hang on to the goat, and when it projectile vomits the slinky, it'll generate enough momentum to fling you both out of the well. Or maybe not.