Kathy-Catnip Studio

About me

Occupation Artist
Location California, United States
Introduction I love to make pretty things - jewelry, art, home decor, blogs - as there's already more than enough ugliness in the world, and I take my self-appointed responsibility to provide visual world balance seriously. Sometimes, I'm even mildly amusing while doing so. For snarky and/or brilliant rants on the human condition, politics, and how the world is going to hell in a handbasket, you're in the wrong place (don't get me wrong, I enjoy those blogs, too). So, go get your favorite cuppa and come back for a relaxing change of pace. Any time. Purchase not required.
Interests Mosaics with stained glass and broken china, decoupage, filigree jewelry, embroidery, mixed media arts, ancestry research.
Favorite Movies Science fiction, fantasy, horror, history, drama, forensic science, mystery, clever comedy.
Favorite Music Early Beatles, rock, alternate, new country, nature.
Favorite Books Science fiction, fantasy, horror, uniquely themed romance, science, human behavior, forensic science, and anything by Jonathan Carroll.