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Location Australia
Introduction chelsea, 16
pastels, high waisted skirts, stripes, design, dangerfield, strawberries, multicoloured hair, pin curls, 50's, victory rolls, heavy metal, high socks, creepers, gifs, japan, victorious, disney channel, long hair, thin people, pinup, dream catchers, purple, mermaids, straight teeth, my chemical romance, film cameras, pale skin, antiques, law and order:svu, blogging, contrast, pleat, chicken, velvet, turquoise, rings, christianity, regina spektor, lookbook, simplicity, originaltiy, makeup tutorials, piercings.

posers, incorrect quotations, people who legitimately T@lK Lyk D1$, rebecca black, mondays, toads, james blunt, dags, leopard print, supre, children, butter, cheap looking clothes, maths, "forever young", people under 15 who have tumblr, fluro makeup, girls who wear skirts over jeans, scene rats, cheap lace, people who wear tights as pants, casseroles, pork, hairless cats, sales assistants, the word festy, ducks. man do i hate ducks