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Location The World Primate Centre, Twycross, United Kingdom
Introduction My name means 'Little Frank' in Brazilian Portuguese. It is a happy coincidence that I'm owned by Frank PR, as denoted by the shiny plaque on my current home. I’m an infant Emperor Tamarin (Saguinus Imperator if you want to get all formal) who has ended up in a lovely enclosure in the World Primate Centre at Twycross Zoo. You can even come and visit me. At the moment, I mostly live on my Dad’s back while I grow my famous moustache and learn to be a bigger monkey. I’d rather be in the Amazon with more of my own kind but until my habitat is protected and the world stops heating up (it’s already hot enough in the jungle!)I’ll settle for England. You can help by clicking on any of the links here that let you donate to a charity which helps protect my home or keep things cool. But you don’t have to take my word for it – with the help of the good apes of Frank PR, I’m going to try and enlist my celebrity mates to help convince you! And if you have a suggested good cause to keep the rainforest healthy and the climate as I like it, get in touch!