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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation fine artist
Location New Jersey, NJ, United States
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Introduction I'm self-taught and I work exclusively with found objects, reassembling that which is discarded and turning into treasure. I am a native of Brazil and former Monastic scholar. Can Art change the world? I truly believe that in Art there is a redemption for the human spirit. Without Art we are empty shells with no perspective of beauty, tolerance and love. In my life I struggle with immigration issues, politics, my past and the courage to create. These things, in turn, inform my work. I was recently selected to be the primary artist on display as part of Trinity School's 300th Anniversary and their celebration of W.E.E.K., an all school event that involved close to one thousand students and the Honorable Al Gore. The displayed work was "The Ties That Bind" which was created as part of a series of works that examine our current economic crisis and the struggles of outsiders in our society. My work has also been displayed at the New York Public Library, The Art Students League of New York. Most recent work 7 pianos for Sing for Hope-Street Pianos project around 5 boroughs of NYC! Hooray!
Interests found object, assemblage, mix media, collage, papier marche, broken doll and toys, old books, free stuff, kind people, atheism, photography, life in England, Queen Elizabeth I, Art Basel, political art, provocateur
Favorite Movies Paprika, Angel-A, Black Orpheus, Old Boy, Any Asia Extreme, The Host, Traitor, step into the liquid
Favorite Music 30's and before: I'm still working on...>>> 40's north american singers like Dee Washington>>> 50's real soul music>>> 60's British invasion like Lulu>>> 70's cheerful songs like AbbA>>> 80's new age stuff like Kitaro>>> 90's grunge like Nirvana>>> ***New millenium noise like everything that pop on radio satelite
Favorite Books Children book with lots of pop ups!!!

Which is easier to make a model airplane out of and why: a banana peel or a wet sock?

What is going on with the whole world? Why when we see humans conquering so much of personal comfort and satisfaction but distance between humans is bigger than ever.