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Industry Education
Occupation English prof., creative writer, tutor
Location Memphis, TN, United States
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Introduction Past jobs include veterinary technician, cartoonist, and Elvira look-alike. I'm a divorced, four-eyed, left-handed adoptee.
Interests Literature, creative writing, feminism, anthropology, comics, film, mythology, animals/nature, juggling, folklore, the Marx Brothers
Favorite Movies The Saddest Music in the World, Eraserhead, Young Frankenstein, Duck Soup, Stop Making Sense, City Lights, The Seven Samurai, Princess Mononoke, Glen or Glenda?, Freaks, 200 Motels
Favorite Music The blues, Frank Zappa, Celtic music, classical, jazz (mostly bebop), Gilbert & Sullivan, Gogol Bordello
Favorite Books Anything by Steve Stern, Sherman Alexie, Jasper Fforde, Italo Calvino, Gabriel Garcia-Marquez, the Southern Gothic authors, Angela Carter, Dorothy Parker or Haruki Murakami. (Most other books too.) And Ted Hughes' Crow.

Compose the lyrics to a new national anthem that features an animal sound at least once: America--sing baa, baa, baah! Gawd bless our happy fold We're a flock of close-sheared patriots: We think just what we're told.