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Gender Female
Occupation Computer Systems Pgmr/Designer
Location North Hollywood, Calif.
Introduction Maverick of a weird, but wonderful family. Have managed to stay alive for an astounding 86+ years kept alive by a passionate interest in many things and a sense of humor. Have led 2 or 3 separate lives,the first 40 years as a starving artist, ceramist, and graphic designer. At age 40 a matchbook cover that said "Be A Computer Programmer" inspired me to go back to school and emerge as a binary fanatic. Loved my work, had a wonderful 20 year career as programmer and trouble shooter. At the same time I had the chance to meet, befriend and marry Jazz Cornetist Pete Daily,an idol of my youth, whom I had worshipped in my young life. Lost him to cancer after 11 wonderful (and sometimes awful) years. Retired in 1989 and had 20 years of fantastic travel adventures all over the world. Now I crochet afghans, tend my garden, my 3 cats, the neighborhood birds and squirrels, a flock of voracious hummingbirds and assorted wildlife like possums and raccoon families who come nightly to my Porch Buffet. A great life, and it ain't over yet !....(after all, I have just discovered Blogging....)
Interests Saving the environment (obviously a Cockeyed Optimist), the Arts, Nature, Gardening, Birds, Animals, Reading (philosophy, biography, mysteries) Doing Good Deeds.
Favorite Movies Rogers & Astaire's whole series, The Third Man, Pete Kelley's Blues, The Hustler, Scent of a Woman.
Favorite Music Trad Jazz (vulgarly known as Dixieland, The Blues, Classical..from the Baroque up to and including Debussy
Favorite Books everything written by Gerald Durrell (naturalist), Robert Parker (Spenser Detective Series), Edwin Gorey (bizarre drawings, poems and prose, Poems by Ogden Nash, and Eckhart Tolle's "New Earth" and "Power of Now".

Your people want to make a statue in your honor. What will it be made out of and what victory will it commemorate?

Chocolate. Having been on a diet for about 70 out of my 82 years, it will commemorate my brave decision to eat whatever makes me happy for whatever number of years I have left.