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Introduction Mena is my name, Ukodo is a traditional dish served with my ethnic group..But said together its the name of my blog. My blog covers most things that interest me.Mental meanderings, pet peeves, lighthearted, jokes, demented thoughts or cerebral engaging articles, you will find it here. Hey I am just a woman on the brink (of what i dont know) with thoughts through the years as well as the friendship of intellectual writer types who let me feature their work.. I only want to share them and hear from others their observations and/or criticism. To reiterate, I also use my blog to share photos, interesting articles and posts from other websites & blogs but only if the author approves. Do visit :) X
Interests I am, the child who lived in her head, blessed with a good family plus an imagination to powerful to bend. I am, the teenager who loved and hated the federal government college 'experience' 'Hate' is a soft word! I am, my early university years, with the challenges and good times and lack of care.. I am, the ones that i've loved and left and those who loved and left me... I am the sum of my pasts but i make sure every moment lasts. In moments of success and through life's difficulties I remember who I am. I am intense, yet lighthearted, gullible yet tough, confident yet impossibly shy, impossibly shy i am. But to you, I remain that voice inside your head telling you to try, try and try again! I am.... who I am!