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Introduction This is the blog for BUDDHIST NETWORK IRELAND which offers information about Buddhism in Ireland and the various mainstream Buddhist groups and communities practising and studying in Ireland, north and south. 1. RIGPA Lineage: Nyingma www.rigpa.ie www.dzogchenbeara.org 2. KAGYU SAMYE DZONG Lineage: Kagyu www.buddhism.ie 3. JAMPA LING Lineage: Gelug www.jampaling.org 4. SHAMBHALA Lineage: Kagyu, Nyingma and Shambhala www.shambhala.ie 5. BODHICHARYA Lineage: Rimé www.bodhicharyaireland.blogspot.com 6. BLACK MOUNTAIN ZEN CENTRE Lineage: Soto Zen www.blackmountainzencentre.org 7. MINDFULNESS IRELAND Lineage: Zen www.minfulness-ireland.org 8. PASSADDHI MEDITATION CENTRE Lineage: Theravada [Burmese and Thai] www.passaddhi.com www.vipassana.ie www.ie.dhamma.org 9. INSIGHT MEDITATION, DUBLIN. Lineage: Theravada [Burmese and Thai] www.insightmeditationdublin.com 10. SUNYATA RETREAT CENTRE Lineage: Thai Forest Tradition www.sunyatacentre.com 11. LOTUS VILLAGE Lineage: Theravada [Burmese and Thai] http://www.lotusvillageireland.com/