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Introduction My Tatting adventure started in 1997 after I saw an article in PieceWork Magazine. I grew up in a very crafty family and had tried all sorts of needlework, weaving, crochet, knitting, ceramics, you name it but when I saw this type of lace I knew one, it was going to be a challenge and two I had to do it! I began first with needle tatting but I was never really happy with the results so with the help of a friend I learned how to tat with a shuttle. It has been an obsession ever since. I hear so often from people "It's such a lost art!" I often reply that is why it is so important to demonstrate (to bring back memories of loved ones who tatted), teach (to pass this lovely art form on and keep it alive) and finally to appreciate other's work (to learn new techniques and modernize this craft) so it doesn't become lost! Tatting doesn't belong to one single individual so pass it on!