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Location Wisconsin (WI), United States
Introduction I have Systemic Onset Juvenile Idiopathic (or Rheumatoid) Arthritis (aka Still's Disease). It totally sucks, but I try to make the best of every single day. I blog about it and that can make it a little more fun - or, at least, help others. My disease doesn't define me, but I talk a lot about it. It has kicked me out of school, made me switch jobs, and now has me shooting up Cimzia. I am constantly being an activist and doing more to raise awareness of the issues I faced as a child, and the issues I continue to face today. I want to change the world for kids with arthritis and other diseases for the better, no matter how hard it is or how long it takes. I believe that the journey is the most important part, not the destination. Even if my story ends up tragic, I want to live, laugh, and love every single minute of it. I believe in things like virtue, hope, peace, diplomacy, honor, duty - and over anything else - I believe in love. Humor, British accents, bluegrass and Hugh Laurie are just a few ways to get to my heart.
Interests health advocacy, patient advocacy, patient engagement, changing healthcare