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Introduction My mother always said she got the wrong kid from the hospital when I arrived. As I seem to have been born a skeptic to parents who were very into religion and pseudoscience, maybe she was right. There are advantages to growing up in an environment where things like having hot raisins stuffed into my ears to cure earaches and saying the 'magic words' to save my soul from eternal hellfire proved so wholly ineffectual at making me feel better. These things helped build my desire to think critically about all claims. But the hypocrisy I saw in the Christian community I grew up with made me realize how important it is to apply critical thinking to myself. Moral codes are of little value unless we have the introspection to realize whether or not we are living up to them. Skepticism is my greatest passion, and I'm most passionate about applying it to myself.
Favorite Books Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me), Miss Manners Rescues Civilization