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Introduction I talk a LOT. A talented procrastinator, I play the piano, the violin, and I sing, and I enjoy nearly anything that has to do with music and the arts. I am going to be an actor, singer, writer, illustrator and director. I am made up of 70% water, and 100% illogic.
Interests Music, painting, drawing, all of the arts section. Sports are enjoyable, particularly swimming, running, basketball, and soccer
Favorite Movies All of Miyazaki's animes. Basically, I like anime and movies like Harry Potter and Night in the Museum.
Favorite Music Classic, pop, rock, etc.
Favorite Books Harry Potter, Leven Thumps, Fablehaven, mangas, etc.

What is the only thing humans are born craving? The answer is sugar! Incidentally, fruit flies are also attracted to sugar... although that is completely besides the point.