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Introduction I talk a LOT. A talented procrastinator, I play the piano, the violin, and I sing, and I enjoy nearly anything that has to do with music and the arts. My dream is to become a singer, and I'm getting pretty close! I want to become happier, brighter, smarter, wiser and more joyful ever day, and I wish for all people to lead beautiful lives. My goal in blogging is to create a place in which people who feel lonely or bogged down by the darker things in life can come together and give each other a hand. We all need a place to belong- and sometimes, rant! It's so nice to meet you all!
Interests Music, painting, drawing, all of the arts section. Sports are enjoyable, particularly swimming, running, basketball, and soccer
Favorite Movies All of Miyazaki's animations. I have a lot of appreciation for good animes/animations, and I really enjoyed the film Interstellar. I don't think I really have a favorite movie- I'm fickle at heart >.<
Favorite Music Kpop, classical, pop, rock, hip hop, indie, etc.
Favorite Books Harry Potter, Leven Thumps, Fablehaven, I Am Here!, Kitchen Princess, Count of Monte Cristo, In Cold Blood, etc.

What is the only thing humans are born craving? The answer is... sugar! Incidentally, fruit flies are also attracted to sugar... although that is completely besides the point.