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Introduction Here I am holding the Tiny Grace Notes for whom the TGN (Ask an Autistic) educational blog is named :).

Letters To Autistic Kids is a bully-free zone. Are you an Autistic kid or did you used to be? Do you love one? Check it out.

NeuroQueer, which came along when we needed a place to put edgier, intersectional things, has been on hold for a while, but will soon resume taking submissions. Stay tuned!

We Are Like Your Child, brainchild of the longtime activist Kassiane A. Sibley (Neurodivergent K), is a collective of many disabled bloggers reaching out together to tell some more difficult aspects of the truth, and how we carry on with our lives.

The book Typed Words, Loud Voices, edited by Amy Sequenzia and me and written by many excellent writers, is out!