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Location Canada
Introduction When asking my boyfriend to describe me in one word, he would probably say "extremist". To be totally honest, I couldn't disagree with him one bit. I tend to really like something, or really dislike it. Although I am not just black and white. I wander into the gray, purple, pink, green and blue areas on occasion. I love nature, people, literature, animals, food, art...I love a little bit of everything when I stop to think about it. I get bored easily and try to keep myself busy(which isn't difficult to do).
Interests Writing, learning, animals, health, the Earth, Nature, Spirituality, ect
Favorite Movies Beauty and the Beast 7 Years In Tibet The Last Samurai Phantom of the Opera
Favorite Music I enjoy a wide variety of music
Favorite Books If I was to start listing them, you would be here all day!

Whoops! Your tongue is now a magnet. Whatever will you use for silverware?

Oh no! My tongue has become magnetic, and to think I was just going to enjoy a bowl of good ol' Kraft Dinner. For silverware, well, I most certainly can not use my fork, or a spoon. I suppose I could attempt to use a pair of chop sticks, although I must admit that I am at a silent war with them. They refuse to be held in my hands. So, I will just have to turn to a plastic fork.