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Introduction HID Illusionz is here to provide world class service to ensure quality HID projector retrofits.
Interests A new spark in exterior lighting will change the looks of your vehicle and absolutely turn heads when you're driving up the streets, even when you’re just parked out on the side! Getting your headlights and taillights custom retrofitted are not just any ordinary exterior lighting modification just for looks. How well does your lighting perform on your vehicle and does it even light up your streets? We believe headlights are the eyes on all vehicles. "Eyes are the window that leads into the soul” Custom retrofitting your headlights with HID projectors gives off the brightest beam of light output with the sharpest cutoff line. Headlight eyes have its own self attitude and personality that leads your way entirely! Taillights are the rear tail of all vehicles. Custom retrofitting your tails with LED's are the brightest beam of lights also. The lighting response time is even faster than ever and you can create the LED movement to pulse or scroll any design you wish that’s possible. Tails are warning lights and lead the way for all the rest of the vehicles around and behind you!

What’s the point of quad? You are fully loaded with this setup! You’ll get a set of HID bi-xenon projectors that controls low and high beams and another set of HID single xenon projectors that activates with your bi-xenon to have the high performance powered low beam action. This gives you the maximum HID light output without blinding anyone on the road!