About me

Occupation north america
Introduction enough about me
Interests life, sex, death, music, dada, falafel, bodysurfing, red wine, stargazing, dosas, washing dishes, dust, green, twangy, impermanence
Favorite Movies apocalypse now, stardust memories, city of women, barry lyndon, brazil, derrida, the sacrifice, unknown white male, fanny and alexander, the bukowski tapes, wise blood, the passenger, crumb, runnaway train, waking life, my dinner with andre, prospero's books, the misfits, my architect, why we fight, slacker, time indefinite, amadeus, one eyed jacks, the maltese falcon, fat city, sting like a butterfly float like a bee, the fountain, dr. strangelove, fantasia, zelig, harold and maude, ran, INLAND EMPIRE
Favorite Music miles davis, ravi shankar, bob dylan, mozart, xtc, j.s.bach, brian eno, king crimson, joni mitchell, duke ellington, wilco, eddi reader, the gershwins, sigur ros, nick drake, keith jarrett, bill frisell, beta band, merle haggard, glenn gould, leonard cohen, phillip glass, funk brothers, robert wyatt, lucinda williams, tom waits, neil young, sam phillips, hank williams, muddy waters, tangerine dream, the beatles, and frank zappa
Favorite Books authors: samuel beckett, bill bissett, jorge luis borges, anthony burgess, charles bukowski, flann o'brien, william blake, stuart ross, walt whitman, d.a.levy, susan musgrave, bertrand russell, jeff pew, bob dylan, maxine gadd, thomas pynchon, alan watts, chogyam trungpa, flann o'brien, don domanski, jonathon swift

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