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Location Down South, United States
Introduction Hi everyone! My name is Kris and I'm 27-years-old from Southern MS. I'm married with a beautiful 6-year-old baby girl named Cali and handsome 1-year-old baby boy named Luke. I work full time from home as a medical transcriber while I'm in nursing school. In my free time, I like to play with Paint Shop Pro. I love making tags and writing tutorials. I'm always looking for new things to learn and new techniques to learn. We'll that about sums me up. Simple country girl who loves to create :-)
Interests Paint Shop Pro (of course), Myspace, Wii, reading, writing, sports
Favorite Music Nickleback, Daughtry, anything country

The hair from your last haircut ... what would it say about your new style?

My hair would say: Wow, I wish I could be part of that do! LMAO what kinda question is that