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Introduction I'm an avant-garde pianist & composer. But I'm also a brewer and a lover of great beer. My concertizing has introduced me to many of the world's greatest and most unique breweries. I've gotten to visit great places and meet great people all over a pint. Visiting the monks at Westvleteren and witnessing my wife's beer revelation. Sharing pints with a fellow composer in a small country town in rural England. Experiencing great German food for the first time over a glass of Vetters 33 in Heidelberg. Meeting brewer Dan Glidden over at Squam in New Hampshire. I finally realized I should be chronicling these experiences! It was only natural that eventually I would need to learn more about this craft. And so in March of 2011, Churchyard Brewery was born. This blog, then, serves one major purpose: to share my favorite beer-related experiences. Whether it's brewing a beer here at the brewery (aka my home!), tasting a great beer out on the road, or simply sampling a glass of a nice local beer, this blog seeks to share these experiences with anyone who cares. Churchyard Brewery: for the love of great beer.

What's your favorite beer experience?