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Introduction I'm a connoisseur of vintage clothing, specifically during the first quarter of the 20th century. I specialize in braces; button-on braces, but also attentive to clip-on suspenders. I wear braces, vests, fedoras, top-hats, pocket watches, and other accessories. I have a distinct style.

"Clothes should hang from the shoulder, not from the waist." Oscar Wilde

Every man, women, and child has a certain bulge at their waist. When the person takes a breath, their waist expands; when they exhale, their waist contracts. This constant fluctuation at the waist causes pants and skirts to slip down due to gravity. This problem is only solved by wearing braces to hold the pants or skirt in place. Ergo, everyone should wear braces. People wore them in the past, wear them today, and they will wear braces in the future to address this problem. Braces never go out of style - they may come and go in fashion, but never out of style.

"Fashion changes, but style endures." Coco Chanel