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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation Dramaturg/Director
Location (South) Brooklyn, NY, United States
Introduction Yeah... I love music and listen mostly to Indie Rock/Pop, which means I can come off snobby about music. But that's only because I really think expression and meaning is important in any art, and that mainstream culture is... well, not all it could be since the Renaissance. I really like basset hounds. I had one before I moved. He was a rescue dog, and had behaviour problems. He bit me twice in the face, bad enough for stitches, (umm... it didn't leave any hideous scars or anything), but I kept him and trained him, and he turned out to be a super dog. I think that says something about me. I'm always learning a new language -- at least I study for a week or two and then get bored. Right now, it's Czech, because -- dammit -- I want to find out what those Bel Ami boys are really saying. I watch more TV than is strictly necessary -- People's Court is oddly entertaining, as is The Apprentice, and I feel like should probably be watching the New Hour with Jim Lehrer instead of a repeat of Gilmore Girls or Doctor Who.
Interests History, Literature, Languages, Art, Politics, Basset Hounds
Favorite Movies The Lion in Winter, Another Country, Withnail and I, Pumpkin, Edward II, Clue, Henry V, Richard III, Carry On Camping
Favorite Music the Smiths, Belle and Sebastian, Camera Obscura, the Magnetic Fields, PAS/CAL, Sufjan Stevens, Rose Melberg, Vivaldi, Dave Brubeck
Favorite Books How about authors? Faulkner, Williams, Marlowe, Daniel Handler, Sarah Caudwell, Sarah Vowell

You forgot your mom's birthday! What can you make out of super glue and olive pits?

Olive pits and superglue is all I have in the house? What am I? The bastard child of MacGyver and Dean Martin?