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Gender Female
Location New Hampshire, United States
Introduction I like this picture because it shows off my smile wrinkles. And that's my airborne son, swinging. I like to write about our homeschooling style, a quirky blend of Reggio Emilia, unschooling, Montessori, and inquiry. I like to talk about my faith, which is all about Jesus, gratitude and wonder, wonder, wonder. Maybe you'll want to see my art or photography. Maybe you'll gasp, "She's brilliant!" Maybe not. Maybe you'll grin at my cute children. Sometimes I'll tell you about my anxiety and depression, and the complications of several family members living with severe sensory processing disorder. Mostly, I'll wish, with all my big, sensitive heart, that you were nearer, and I knew you, and we could sip something and chat, shoes off, feet up, afghan over our laps. But here we are.