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Introduction A while back I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression. The bad kind of depression. The kind that makes your drop out of school, quit your job, and think about stepping out of the picture altogether. Thankfully now, I’m on the mend and my life has a positive direction once more. But during it all I started watching Horror Movies. Movies in general were a good distraction. They were stories I could get wrapped up in and forget about my sad reality. But Horror Movies were something else all together. In them, I was absorbed. The fear and terror drew me in like vortex. The fear the hero/heroin felt became my fear. It was like being washed in a sea of emotion so real and so present, that my depression was long forgotten. I was enraptured. While I have (and continue to) receive proper medical treatment, a side effect was my new love of horror movies.. I invite all of you with questions about films and terror to come along. You have the chance to watch a novice of horror cinema dive into the deep end of filmography and see your favorite classics through fresh new eyes. Give me your feedback and follow along as I treat demoralization with Horror Movie Medication.