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Occupation i plan events
Location portland, oregon, United States
Introduction this is my living photo gallery, narrated by yours truly. start date 10.31.05 the day i started another great journey living in Portland, Oregon.
Interests LOVE surprises though they are hard to come by, laugh sometimes until my stomach muscles hurt, live in my own little world like pippi longstocking, almost child-like, free spirited, giggler, extremely thoughtful aka deep in thought, doesn't judge, cheery, young at heart. i really love life and the people that are in it, i love to kiss |its mandatory| and without truth and respect there is nothing. i take photos, knit, find adventure or it finds me. hang out with my friends. glaciers fascinate me. i snowboard. 503.227.7669. i have a good life. life is good.
Favorite Movies happy accidents, amelie, donnie darko, requiem for a dream, garden state, run lola run, the warrior and princess, particles of truth, the other side of the bed, big fish, four dead batteries, pan labyrinth, finding neverland, happy endings
Favorite Music pdx local CHECK OUT josh breton, michele's hubby. mad world, billie holiday, alien ant farm, dial M for monkey, faith no more, we are scientists, juliana hatfield [don't rush me], ssojk, seal, interpol, siouxsie and the banshee, sarah harmer [lodestar], rosie thomas, peter gabriel, the police, sting, eurthymics, joydrop, seal, frou frou, the life and times, franz ferdinand, elliott smith, arcade fire, boards of canada, tatu, jill scott, explosions in the sky, nine inch nails, regina spektor, sarah brightman, gary jules, the cranberries, outkast, lenny kravitz, rihanna, the raconteurs, jack johnson, corinne baily rae, alanis morisette, vanessa carlton, pink, zero 7, depeche mode, natasha bedingfield, duran duran, beck, queens of the stone age, the shins, the ataris, spoon, frank black, the donnas, love and rockets, the afghan wings, sugababes, M83, beth orton, yann tiersen, feist, regina spektor, dead prez, snow patrol, yeah, yeah, yeahs and lately all this DJ music business...i likely lots.