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Industry Arts
Occupation Graphic Designer (unemployed)
Location Berkeley, CA, United States
Introduction I'm an unemployed graphic designer who is attempting to organize my thoughts with yet ANOTHER specialized blog purely for my own use.
Interests adhesives, adult add, andi watson, asperger syndrome, autism, bad fantasy novels, badtz maru, bamboo, beerchan, berkeley, bettie page, biosphere, black, book arts, boxes, bratmobile, brothers quay, canada, cassettes, chinoiserie, clam chowder, coffee, color, communist propaganda, contemporary design, correction tape, crafts, crayons, design, dictators, edward gorey, eightball, etiquette, etiquette books, fage total yogurt, fluevog shoes, fountain pens, geisha, giant robot, granola, grapefruit soda, graphic design, hair dye, harajuku lovers, hello kitty, housekeeping, husqvarna, indie comics, japan, japanese fashion, japanese stationery, jasper johns, java dave's, jellyfish, jetgirl, kidrobot, kittens, label makers, learning, letters, long hair, mail, mail art, manga, mango, mao tse-tung, mark ryden, martha stewart, martha stewart living, mary jane shoes, massive attack, math, mirah, miso soup, mix tapes, morrissey, nana, new wave, nostalgia, office supplies, oklahoma, optic nerve, orbital, organizing, organizing solutions, origami, painting, paper, papercrafts, paradise kiss, paste, pencils, pens, pi, piercing, pink, postcards, propaganda, pucca garu, reading, red bean ice cream, regina spektor, robert rauschenberg, ruby, samurai champloo, san francisco, san-x, seattle, serigraphy, sewing, sigur ros, silence, sitting, slant 6, sleep, smorkin labbit, socks, squid, staplers, stationery, stickers, stripes, stripey socks, subgirl, sushi, tank girl, tarepanda, tattoos, the cure, the ocean, the pixies, the smiths, thunderstorms, tim burton, tokidoki, tones on tail, too much coffee man, tulsa, typewriters, underworld, union jack, upright citizens brigade, victoria, video games, vinyl figures, vodka, wellies, xkcd, yaoi, yoshitomo nara, zines
Favorite Movies Pi, Tank Girl, Ghost World, Schizopolis, The Royal Tenenbaums, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice
Favorite Music Industrial, IDM, Ambient, Darkwave, New Wave, EBM, Old Goth crap, Indie, Twee