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Gender MALE
Industry Government
Occupation Security
Location Belmont, Massachusetts, United States
Interests International Politics, globalization, WTO, NWO, anti-globalization, global warming, wind power, solar energy, oil shale, coal liquefication, geothermal energy, NAFTA, U.S. Army, Military, Iraq, Middle East, Europe, Russia, U.S. Constitution, China, India, Languages:, German, Russian, French, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Internet Marketing, Software engineering, Systems Admin., Alternative medicine, Natural Health, Ukraine, 10K & marathon running, travel, Germany, Scotland, investing, oil, alternative energy, options, commodities, energy
Favorite Movies Dr. Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia, To Russia With Love, The Lord of the Rings series, anything with Harrison Ford
Favorite Music Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Motown, Orpheus
Favorite Books "Oil, Power & Empire"-Larry Everest, "State of Denial"- Bob Woodward, Why America Slept-Gerald Posner, "Against All Enemies"-Richard A. Clarke, "Global Reach"-Richard Barnett, "The Creature From Jekyll Island"-Griffin, The Betrayal of America-Vincent Bugliosi, Holy Blood Holy Grail-Baigent Leigh & Lincoln, The Gods of Eden-William Bramley, Blood, Money& Power: How L.B.J. Killed J.F.K.-Barr McClellan, "Plan of Attack" by Bob Woodward, "The Assasin's Gate" by George Packer, "Fiasco" by Thomas E. Ricks, "Chain of Command:The Road from 9/11 to Abu Ghraib" by Seymour Hersch, "Secrets of the Kingdom:The Inside Story of the Saudi-U.S. Connection" by Gerald Posner, "The 9/11 Commission Report" Authorized Edition, "From Babel To Dragomans" by Bernard Lewis; "What Went Wrong" by Bernard Lewis, "bin Laden:The Man Who Declared War on America" by Joseph Bodansky, "American Jihad" by Steven Emerson, "Hatred's Kingsdom: by Dore Gold; "Holy War, Inc." by Peter Bergen, "See No Evil" by Robert Baer, "Sleeping With The Devil" by Robert Baer, "The Ultimate Terrorist" by Jessica Stern, "Taliban" by Ahmed Rashid, "Jihad:The Rise of the Militant Islam in Central Asia" by Ahmed Rashid, "Soldiers of God:With Islamic Warriors in Afghanistan and Pakistan" by Robert Kaplan, "Stupid White Men" by Michael Moore, "Will They Ever Trust Us Again" by Michael Moore