About me

Industry Advertising
Occupation service worker
Location Thailand
Introduction I'm Andrea Gatekeeper, My goals include finding ways to voice out not only my opinion, but through interviewing and motivating businesses, artists and some advertisments become involved printing newszy-journalism as a home business.
Interests Romans678 and James1-5, Witnessinga and getting certified as a spanish translater, a writer, and a adventurist, a missionary overseas, outdoors, survival and Gaming, teamwork, honest me, speaking, singing, writing songs, poetry/ playing guitar and piano, doing research of multicultural views and way of life vs. bias. I'm a fan of book reviews, advertising and helping small businesses. I'm a movivator, regulator, organizer, communicator, humanitarian, and reader, nutritionalist and natural health seeker, riding my bike. (NOT PROFESSIONALLY...YET...)Being at home with my family and laughing for no reason except for fun :)
Favorite Movies historic/ Black history/ and biographic with accuracy.
Favorite Music Spanish dance, acoustic, latino, piano and funk piano, Ginny Owens(favorite artist) and jazz. Irish folk, celtic, latino. very few love songs: "My Girl" by Phil Collins, I like the Corr's band and Amy Corr's slight rebellionish love for a man....
Favorite Books Lovest Thou Me? (by King's Press), the dictionary, english, Driven (r.warren's bestseller) NGJ magazine, The King's Fifth by Scott O'dell (favorite novel), Call It Courage, Water Sky, Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Radio wire is often used to make bird nests. What station do they listen to?

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