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Introduction Greetings, I'm Gopal, a Science graduate and registered pharmacist currently residing in Srinagar, Uttarakhand, India. In my professional capacity, I am tasked with the crucial responsibility of preparing and dispensing medications prescribed by doctors to address a variety of ailments. This involves not only distributing medicines but also meticulously maintaining information about their recommended uses, potential side effects, interactions, and overall implications. The historical use of plants and natural substances as medicine spans thousands of years, and as a pharmacist, I play a pivotal role in dispensing prescription medications to individuals. Beyond that, I offer guidance to patients and fellow health professionals on the proper usage, correct dosage, and potential side effects of medications. It is also within my purview to ensure that prescribed medications do not adversely interact with other medications or existing health conditions. Moreover, my role extends to providing valuable information on general health topics such as diet and exercise, along with advice on products like home health care supplies and medical equipment.
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