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Introduction I'm the author of The Elizabeth Goodweather Full Circle Farm Appalachian Mysteries from Bantam Dell. The series includes SIGNS IN THE BLOOD, ART'S BLOOD, OLD WOUNDS, IN A DARK SEASON (Anthony Nominee, Best PBO), and UNDER THE SKIN. There's also THE DAY OF SMALL THINGS (a spinoff/standalone)chronicling the unexpected life story of Miss Birdie, one of Elizabeth's neighbors. Currently my historical novel, dealing with a massacre in my county during the Civil War, is with my agent and in search of a publisher.. I came to this weird business late (my first novel was published in 2005) and am still trying to figure it out. As my novels are set in a place much like my real life home, I thought I'd use this blog to share pictures of our farm and county. I've been blogging for nearly eleven years now, on an almost daily basis, and the topics have ranged from writing, chickens, food, books, quilts, flora and fauna of all sorts, to the occasional tiny rant. And now that I have a granddaughter there's a fair amount about her. There's no plan, but there are lots of pictures. You can find more information about me and my books on my web site: