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Gender Male
Introduction Douglas J. Ogurek is the pseudonymous and sophomoric founder of the unsplatterpunk subgenre, which uses splatterpunk conventions (transgressive/gory/violent subject matter) to deliver a positive message. His short story collection I Will Change the World . . . One Intestine at a Time (Plumfukt Press), a juvenile stew of horror and bizarro, aims to make readers lose their lunch while learning a lesson. His novella Stone Ovaries and Bowling Balls Trapped in Beautiful Prodigy World (Planet Bizarro) offers a minefield of immaturity filled with bodily expulsions, princesses, deranged mothers, malapropisms, and guacamole. Ogurek also guest-edits the wildly unpopular UNSPLATTERPUNK! “smearies,” published by Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction. These anthologies are unavailable at your library and despised by your mother. Ogurek reviews films and fiction for that same magazine. Publications have rejected Ogurek’s work nearly 2,000 times. However, some of the world’s leading literary journals thanked him for submitting manuscripts in (form) letters. More at Twitter: @unsplatter
Interests Fitness, coffee, cliché destruction, being awake
Favorite Movies Signs, The Village, American Psycho, Paranormal Activity, Human Centipede 2, Blair Witch Project, The Ring, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Four Rooms
Favorite Music Impending Doom, Becoming the Archetype, Hortor, Hope for the Dying, Renascent, A Hill to Die Upon, other death metal/unblack metal with themes of Christianity and compassion
Favorite Books Brain Cheese Buffet (Edward Lee), I Am Charlotte Simmons (Tom Wolfe), A Man in Full (Tom Wolfe), collected short stories of Raymond Carver, Night Shift (Stephen King), Richard Laymon short story collections