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Gender Female
Industry Law
Occupation Attorney
Location United States
Introduction I'm a lawyer and a Christian. Stop laughing. I'm single but content with where God has me right now. I have the greatest nieces and nephews and am the world's best aunt - at least that's what I've trained them to say. I love to cook and bake. (If you know any single guys, pass that on . . .) I love cold weather - but only if my jeans are fitting me. I love Kraft Macaroni & Cheese - like in an unnatural way. I love Little Debbie. Again, in an unnatural way. Mexican food is a part of my soul. (Huh . . . now I'm starting to see why my jeans don't fit sometimes.) I love to write about my life and my observations and I love YOU for reading along!!
Favorite Movies Pride & Prejudice . . . the 5 hour version with Colin Firth, OF COURSE! Please don't mention the Keira Knightly one around me, thankyouverymuch; Two Weeks Notice or pretty much anything with Sandra Bullock. Except All About Steve - that movie stunk. Sorry, Sandy - it has to be said.
Favorite Books Pride & Prejudice and Count of Monte Cristo.