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Gender Female
Occupation Stay at Home Mom
Location Medford, New Jersey, United States
Introduction I am a Jersey Girl. 27 years of east coast attitude, transplanted to the Pacific Northwest (kicking and screaming, I might add). But now I'm back in Jersey, and living in a farmhouse built in 1853! I am sarcastic, direct, a *little* hot-headed when it's something I'm passionate about (read: I don't always sit well with folks from the west coast). I was forced, er, encouraged to start a blog by some friends who I'm pretty sure were tired of my ranting on social media. I've had a jacked up digestive system my entire life, and numerous doctors visits, tests- many invasive- medications etc did zero to help. Then, I had girlfriend- 10 weeks early and perfection. And I embraced organic living, including homeschooling my differently wired kiddos. Now I'm just pissed that our government ALLOWS this garbage into our households and our bodies. So I'm gonna tell you about it. A lot. Probably using ALL CAPS to make. my. point. Just remember I say everything I do because I love you and want you healthy. And I have about 43 years of being stupid sick experience, so you can totally trust me.