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Occupation design
Location Manton, Michigan zone 4/5, United States
Introduction As of today I am a 60 (edited) year old woman with a husband who has a disabling head injury and physical injuries. I have lived on this property with my husband for 40 and have a grown son who lives next door. I am partially disabled but do enjoy working in the yard and gardens. I use organic and permaculture principles on the property and try to plant as many trees as I can afford each year. In 2002 we had a housefire that destroyed our gardens, yard and house. We put in a new doublewide home 40 feet behind where our old house was and began to replant the gardens. Our son was given part of our land that was woods and food forest gardens in 2006 so we had to again start over with the food forests. At this point in time, we are still replanting fruit and nut trees and shrubs as well as perennial food and ornamental plants. Some of the trees and shrubs have begun to bear so we are again becoming more inedependent as far as food goes, although we do not raise domestic animals for food at this time. (just have 2 cats)
Interests Interior and exterior design
Favorite Music 60's
Favorite Books Gaia's Garden, One Straw Revolution