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Gender Female
Occupation Actress
Location NY, NY
Introduction I come from the typical doctor/lawyer family. You can imagine the looks on everyone’s face when I told them I was quitting my graphic design career to come to NY to act. I traveled with my dance company to New York for a convention when I was 15. We saw Chicago on Broadway and I’ve been hooked since then- on New York, on Broadway, on Bob Fosse and I swore I would dance for him until I realized later in life that Bob was dead. I was laid off from my Graphic design position at a magazine due to economic circumstances so I seized the day (and my severance package) to come to NY and pursue the long-awaited dream of performing. It hasn’t been easy. Nobody ever said it would be. But I’ve been working my ass off ever since. Why do I want to be an actress, you ask? Aside from my love of performance, I have always been interested in analysis and psychology of humans and emotions. I’m also a lover of traveling, learning new skills, and keeping myself in physically decent form. I’d always seen acting as the perfect job for me. But to me, it’s not a job. It’s a culmination of what makes me happy and to be paid to do what makes me the happiest isn’t a job, its heaven.

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