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Industry Student
Location Boise, Idaho, United States
Introduction A small town country girl turned city afficionado. Blogger, tweeter, life and golden retriever lover. Self proclaimed social junkie. Secret connoisseur of the hand hug and frowning wink.
Interests Diet Dr. Pepper, photography, playing with my dog, cotton candy, running barefoot, kissing, football, church, being warm, Mary Kay, earrings, shoes, reading, being outgoing, pizza, music, bubbles, watching grey's anatomy over and over again, living like today is my last, hugging, Riley, smiling, being myself, british accents, picnics, fires, traveling, singing as loud as possible, musicals, holidays, especially christmas, God, God, and more GOD, trees, things that make you say "hmmm", quarter life crisis's, family, sweats, southern accents, friends, comfy couches, shopping uncontrolabley, saying "seriously", candles, hand massages, picking a persona to try out for the week, pretty much massages in general, loving life, rainbows, dancing, dancing in my underwear, Missy, but only somedays, food, swimming, sand between my toes, rainy days, sundays, winter, cuddling with a cute boy to keep warm, playgounds, playing at night, taking pictures, watching movies, laughing until your sides hurt, painting my toenails, hairspray, love, knowing, surprises, my life
Favorite Books The Bible