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Introduction My name is Brett Adams, I am from England and I have been living in Tokyo, Japan, since 2003. I have been doing Systema since May 2006 and I am Certfied as an Instructor by Vladimir Vasiliev. My teachers are Andy Cefai and, up until the end of 2009, Scott McQueen. They are both the Founders of Systema Japan and I consider myself extremely lucky to have met them and to have been taught by them. I started my journey into the world of Martial Arts at the age of four years old. I have studied Judo, Lau Gar Kung Fu, ITF Tae Kwon Do (1st Dan), Goshin Jutsu (2nd Dan), WTF Tae Kwon Do and Brazilian Ju Jitsu. I came to Japan to study Aikido and I have been lucky enough to train in Yoshinkan Aikido (three and a half years), Aikikai Aikido (2nd Dan) and also Iaido (1st Dan). However, while doing these arts I was lucky enough to discover Systema and I applied for my first seminar with Martin Wheeler, and I haven't looked back. It's funny because I came all the way to Japan to learn the secrets of a Japanese Martial Art, only to find myself trying to learn the secrets of a Russian Martial Art.