About me

Industry Education
Occupation Grants specialist
Location Austin, Texas, United States
Introduction 20 Things about Me:
I am freakishly tall.
I am Scottish-Welsh-Dutch-Native American-French-Canadian.
I love going to the movies.
My celebrity crushes include Angelina Jolie and Alan Cummings.
I adore my mother.
I am an Oregonian temporarily transplanted in Texas.
I live with my partner, my dog, and my cat.
I am currently employed as a technical writer.
I am partially through my master’s degree in public affairs.
I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.
I believe that the unexamined life is not worth living.
I want to read more great books.
I have gorgeous eyes, but they are usually behind my glasses.
I will not accept any substitutes for sugar.
I went to Reed College and have started to miss it.
My friends are few, but fabulous.
I don’t cook.
I am compulsively neat.
Writing used to be second nature to me and isn’t anymore.
I blog to keep in touch, both with my friends and with myself.
Interests Feminism, books, movies, crafty stuff, home repair, dogs, politics, current events, progressive issues, thrifting, compulsive cleaning, yoga.