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Occupation Medical Reception, etc.
Location Jersey Girl, United States
Introduction I am here because I became addicted to medblogs. Then, I became addicted to blogging. Since pen and paper (substitute keyboard and computer) don't lie - maybe I will find the real reason I am here. ***** The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.~Charles DuBois ***** In my perfect world there would be an ocean, mountains and seasons! I am blessed with a wonderful family and good friends.
Interests God, Family, Friends, Work-when I am working, I'm a political junkie, Bob-our German Shepherd, swimming and ANYTHING involving water, writing, Being an encourager, cooking, baking, angels, anything blue, snow on the mountains, anything cinnamon, medical blogs, other blogs & blogging, SCRABBLE, dancing, roses, GREY'S ANATOMY-seriously!, turquoise glass, Longaberger products-totally addicted!, Full moon nights, the ocean surf pounding against the shore/jetties, moonlight on the water, moonlight on the snow, laughter, languages-especially French, ...joie de vivre! :)
Favorite Movies It's A Wonderful Life, Mostly comedies, enjoy pretty much everything EXCEPT don't like anything scary-sick & twisted or gory
Favorite Music I love all kinds of music - depends on my mood :)
Favorite Books The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, Intra Muros(original version-1898) by Rebecca Springer and Within Heaven's Gates by Rebecca Springer(contemporary, condensed version), Skipping Christmas by John Grisham, works of C.S. Lewis, N.I.V. Bible because closest to original Greek and Hebrew If I could only pick one book to read for the rest of my life that would be it as it imparts God's love for all mankind, wisdom, peace, joy, hope and so much more. Understandably known as the living word.(I love books and enjoy reading through a series.)

Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?

No - creation theory rules! :)