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Location Oregon, United States
Introduction "It's Not What To Believe - But How You Perceive" -- for The Truth Shall Set You Free. 'I AM' in affinity with the Andromedan Star Nation and one of millions of incarnate Service to Life (STL) souls who is presently here to enlighten humanity and to inspire the Christ Consciousness on our beautiful jewel, Terra. The mission calls to foster love, tolerance and compassion - to promote absolute truth to unknowing fellowmen and educate them from an optimistic perspective, whether it be on a physical, emotional or intellect level, yet, we all have Free Will. We the Spiritual Light Warriors and Wanderers are here to hold the faith, the strength, the trust and the vision, as we raise the consciousness of mankind to the Divine Source of All That Is. Please view a brief personal history under A Noteworthy Message, "Coming to Self Realization...Life is More Than a Learning Experience" posted on and If you are already on either site please scroll below the profile.
Interests Autodidactic, metaphysics, esotericism, exopolitics, theosophy, philosophy, spiritual emissary, visionary, UFOlogy, holistic health/nutrition, organic gardening, vegetarianism, health freedom advocate, creative writing, reading, graphic design, diverse creative arts.
Favorite Music Actually there is too much to list. In a nutshell, my love extends to diverse music genres that portray soul, inspiration and significance and which send powerful messages of love, unity and joy.
Favorite Books The Ancient Ones, Archangel Michael: Earth History, Esoteric History of Earth, The Hathor Material, Dictionary of Angels, Encyclopedia of Gods, Ashtar Command Book 1 'World Evacuation', Ashtar: In Days to Come, Aurora 2012 Preparedness Manual, Operation Terra, Who, In Fact, You Really Are, Fringe Knowledge, The Great Shift, Angelology, Angels A-Z, The Return of Light, The Jeshua Channelings, A Wanderer's Handbook, The Mission Remembered, Spiritual Activism, Atlantis Rising, The Cosmos of Soul: A Wake Up Call for Humanity, E.T. 101, Connecting with the Arcturians, The 12th Planet, Your First Contact, The Mayan Calender and the Transformation of Consciousness, Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, Mass Dreams of the Future, Universal Vision: Soul Evolution and the Cosmic Plan, The Convoluted Universe Books 1-3, and a host of others.