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Location Springville, IA, United States
Introduction I am a small town Irish girl who is always there for everyone for everything. Whether we are friends, family or just acqaintences I am there helping whenever I can if it is just a friendly ear or if you actually have problem I do my best to help. I have accomplished a lot of things most would say good and bad I know I have given my parents a lot of gray hair but I have learned from everything and my two greatest accomplishments are my two beautiful children.
Interests Reading, movies, camping, fishing, hiking, sports, drawing, sculpting, photography, animals, kids
Favorite Movies I love all genres as long as the movie can keep my attention I am watching it. And I prefer to watch the DVD's at home where I can cuddle up better with someone and get comfortable.
Favorite Music I think because of who my grandfather I inherited the love of music, unfortunately I not his talent. But his appreciation lives on through me and so I will listen to all true artist.
Favorite Books Most people don't realize that my grandfather was also a award winning author so that maybe why I am a book junkie and can't get enough of them. Because of my love of the books and my talent for speed reading I have a LOT of books everyone jokes that they will be the death of me one day, that will be a way to lies Julie Knowledge killed her.

If you were friends with someone most of your life and you had told your friend many times that a particular musician was your mom's favorite musician growing up and your friend remained quiet about it being their grandfather how upset would you be?