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Occupation School, mad science
Location Leprechaun City, Over the Rainbow
Introduction Hello and welcome to my territory! I'm a small demon child sent from the underworld to steal your soul, but that's beside the point. You can just call me Mirtil! (Or Mir for short) I'm a pretty big goof ball, and my laughing has a habit of spreading like wildfire. I tend to be sarcastic, strange, quick to laugh, spaztic, and happy around friends. But when I get angry, I get AANNGGRRY~ *does little demon laugh* I love to watch horror animes, violent films, and draw gory pictures... XD Did I mention I love, love, LOVE, anime? I draw it everywhere I go. And yes, I did draw my icon. I can't give you all the details in words, but I like to make new friends. Don't be afraid to talk to me, I don't bite. (sometimes...)
Interests Manga, Pokemon, Wreaking havoc on annoying people, etc.
Favorite Movies Wall-E, Pokemon, Hetalia
Favorite Music TSFH
Favorite Books Warriors, Redwall, Skulduggery Pleasant, I would list more but I'm to lazy XD

Have you ever met a Troll before? I have, they steal your socks.